Embracing My Inner Child

This blog began as a post about meeting one of my journalistic heroes: Bob Woodward. After all, when Woodward came to Fargo on November 17, I was floating on cloud nine. Believe me, his presentation (as well as his presence) were just as amazing as I hoped they would be. You can read more about it on The Chamber’s blog.

But shortly after Voices of Vision ended and my weekend began, I had a realization. I am a child masquerading as an adult. After all, I have recently been exhibiting several signs:

Large amounts of excitement. When the Chamber President saw me the morning of Voices of Vision, he asked if I was ready to meet Woodward. My response was jumping up and down (in a dress and heels I might add) and clapping with delight. He just shook his head smiled and walked away. After Woodward was done speaking, another co-worker asked me what I thought. I looked right at her and said, “It feels like the day after Christmas. It was great, but now that it’s over, what do I do?”

Need to follow fads/trends. On Friday night, my husband surprised me with a date night. He made me dinner and then took me to see the newest film in every adolescent girl’s favorite series: Twilight. After all, what grown woman doesn’t love watching teen vampire dramas? At least I didn’t go to the midnight premiere … okay, fine, I thought about it but couldn’t get tickets in time.

Me & Chachi, the ChaCha Penguin

Desire for toys. After watching my vampire drama, we moved on to Menards (be jealous of this romantic destination). While shopping for a Christmas present for my stepson, I ran across the greatest dancing Christmas toy EVER: a penguin that does the ChaCha slide. I immediately pushed the button 12 times and giggled with delight as the penguin danced around the counter. My delight was only enhanced when Adam placed the penguin in my arms and let me bring it home. And yes, we do prominently display our dancing penguin for all guests to see.

Not knowing the difference between wants and needs. On Saturday evening, we were relaxing at home when I decided I needed ice cream. Never mind that it was 9:15 at night or that we were in our pajamas. I needed ice cream and I needed it now. So I stared like a sad puppy until he agreed to take me to Dairy Queen … in my pajamas … and slippers. I may have also used the phrase, “If they’re out of pumpkin pie blizzards, I’m going to cry.”

Now this realization could have left me grappling with the need to grow up and shape up. But that would go against my very nature. After all, when my mom texted my dad ‘what’s up’ yesterday, he replied with ‘chicken butt.’ I never stood a chance …

Plus, what’s wrong with hanging on to part of your inner child? If there’s one thing I’ve noticed from having a stepson, life is so much more fun with children. They delight in the simplest things, like dancing penguin toys and ice cream treats. After his birthday party last week, my stepson was happy for hours, just because he got to swim all afternoon.

As the holidays approach, I’m especially excited. After all, there’s a simple joy in a decorated Christmas tree, the smell of fresh baked cookies, candle lit church services and watching Rudolph say, “I’m cute, I’m cute. She says I’m cute” on TV. It’s the simple joys that make life what it was truly meant to be … awe inspiring.

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