Happy New Year!

I’ve always loved New Years Eve. It’s a chance to reflect, to look over the year past and revel in the good, the bad, the ugly, the terrifying, the forgotten and so on. It’s also a chance to look ahead and, with the best of intentions, make the new year the best one yet.

As I look back over this adventure we call 2011, I am amazed by the beauty of life and how even the smallest things can become significant milestones. In just one year …

  • I celebrated one year of marriage to my amazing husband.
  • Adam got his dream job, complete with a salary, benefits and the ability to make his own schedule.
  • We built a relationship with my stepson. Though he’s pushed his luck as a toddler, T is one of the best things in my life.
  • My parents moved to Fargo Moorhead. While I know they miss Pine River, it has been amazing to have them so much closer.
  • Both of my parents have jobs for the first time in approximately two years.
  • We took our first Hedberg family camping extravaganza to Itasca over Father’s Day weekend. I’m anxiously awaiting our second annual event this summer (and for any of you that read my blog on a regular basis, yes I am excited to camp … near a bathroom with running water.)
  • I fourwheeled.
  • Adam and I got to go out kayaking multiple times and this year we even got to bring out several close friends.
  • We went to the Caribbean for our second honeymoon in January.
  • We paid off one of my student loans and ALL of Adam’s credit cards.
  • I got to see my favorite musical, Les Miserables, for Christmas.
  • I tried out kick boxing, yoga and zumba with my sister and mother. Be impressed.
  • Adam and I were part of our best friends’ beautiful wedding in late July. I’ll admit it, I openly wept in public multiple times.
  • I got to see my favorite movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, on the big screen.
  • I got accepted into the 35 under 35 Women’s Leadership program.
  • My blog was published on Inforum and in the paper.

But with one year almost over comes a new year full of new opportunities and chances waiting to be taken. Here are just a few of my resolutions for 2012 …

  • Move into a house with a yard for T to let loose some of his four year old boy energy.
  • Spend as much time as possible with my brand new baby nephew, due in February (and claim full babysitting rights).
  • Keep writing (so hopefully you enjoy the blog).
  • Celebrate two years of marriage to the love of my life with a trip back to the North Shore, where we took our first honeymoon.
  • Pay off at least two more student loans.
  • Keep taking kick boxing classes (be afraid, be very afraid).
  • Visit someplace new.
  • Bring my stress level down to a manageable level. Life is too short to stress about the details …
  • Come up with new and creative marketing ideas to implement at work.
  • Take time to admire the stars, sunsets, first snowfalls and all of the simple gifts life has to offer.
  • Plan and execute our first college friends summer get together. Destination: Detroit Lakes for sun and fun.
  • Tell the people in my life that I love them and more importantly, why I love them. No one’s life should go unnoticed.

Looking back over my list of 2011 happenings and my dreams for 2012, it makes me think. Why should we wait until December 31 to revel in the year gone by. So for 2012, my final resolution is simple: BE AMAZED. This thing called life is truly a blessing that should be cherished each and every day. So from my family to yours, may you have a blessed and awe-inspiring New Year.

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