It’s A Small World After All

This past week an article in The Forum caught my attention. It read: Dilworth elects Pine River police chief. I immediately clicked the link and sure enough, the City of Dilworth has just elected the police chief from Pine River, Minnesota, my hometown of approximately 950 people. Cue the “It’s a Small World After All” music …

Growing up in a small town, I knew basically everybody. I didn’t know the police chief personally, in case you were wondering, because in a small town like Pine River, it was stupid for me to try and get into any sort of trouble. Twice I left school early (both times to pick stuff up for student council, so I had a valid excuse). Once, my mother pulled out right after me and followed me to the store. The second time, I parked and got out and she was across the street at a different store and waved to me. I had no choice but to behave myself … everyone knew me and everyone knew my parents.

When I moved to Fargo for college, I was immediately consumed with how big the town was. I was at a college where I barely knew anyone and in a town that (gasp!) had not one, but two Targets within a 10 minute drive and multiple grocery store chains. I can honestly tell you that I never thought I would feel the way I had in Pine River. After all, when you’re a teenager and everyone knows you, it’s kind of annoying. But once you grow up and move away, you just (cue the Cheers music) want a place where everybody knows your name.

Seven years later, I am no longer astounded with the size of Fargo Moorhead. In fact, I have found that Fargo, while large (I grew up in a town of just over 900 … give me a break), actually feels like a hometown. I normally see at least one person I know while walking down Broadway on a lazy afternoon or runnning to the grocery store. Just this past week, my mom had two different callers at work who asked if she was Katie’s mom. And don’t even get me started on how many people know Huttons in this area …

I am proud to call Fargo Moorhead my home. Pine River will always be my hometown, but Fargo Moorhead is my home, filled with more fabulous people than I could have ever possibly hoped to meet in a lifetime. I love my big town with a small town feel. It truly is a small world after all and I am okay with that.

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