There’s More to Christmas than Presents

This past weekend, T was examining the presents under our Christmas tree. Upon hearing that he had two gifts under the tree, he approached me with a very concerned face.

“Katie,” he said, “I’m going to have to clean out more of my toys in my room.” “Why?” I asked. “Because if I get two presents under the tree, the kids that don’t have gifts need to have more presents too. I don’t need too many toys.” [Insert my heart breaking and an immense need to simultaneously hug him/weep openly]

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Christmas. I love the trees, I love the lights, I love the snow … yes, there’s a reason I live in the upper Midwest. My radio has been tuned in to the all Christmas station since the last bit of Thanksgiving turkey left my plate and our tree has been up since Black Friday (yep, we don’t shop on Black Friday … we decorate).

I also love Fargo at Christmas time. Adam and I have all sorts of traditions. We always take T to see Santa. This year, we went to the Festival of Trees, put on by Fraser, Ltd. and it was awesome. Not only did T get to see Santa, but he also got to make an ornament, eat far too many cookies, take a sleigh ride and bounce on a whole bunch of inflatable games. He was in heaven.

We tour the lights at Lindenwood, drinking hot chocolate and singing (beautifully I might add) to Christmas carols. Afterward, we drive around looking at Christmas lights. So if you saw a car circling your house last night, don’t be worried … it’s a compliment.

We also have Christmas movie binges, where we watch all the Christmas movies we own by the light of our Christmas tree.

These are the kind of things that make Christmas meaningful to me. It’s not the presents wrapped under the tree with my name on the gift tag, but the memories and traditions, the love and laughter, the candle light Christmas services and the twinkling lights. It’s about giving, not receiving.

There’s so much more to this beautiful holiday season than presents. If a 5 year old gets that, I sure hope we all can as well.

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