Why I Love Fargo (And one reason I don’t)

This afternoon I had the opportunity to speak to a group of graduate students in NDSU’s communications department. It felt almost like a coming home as I tried desperately to find a place to park and trudged across the icy parking lot to Minard, my home away from home for the two years of my master’s program.

I spent about an hour talking about how my master’s degree had helped me land my job in the “real world” and why I chose this world over the world of academia. It was hard to believe that just two years ago, I was in their shoes, wondering when my life would ever emerge from the pile of textbooks and research papers.

Two years later, I have a career and a large network. That’s what I love about Fargo. In just two years, I have a huge network of friends and acquaintances, references and resources. In fact, in the group of seven people I talked to I knew two people as soon as I walked in the door: one from my work at The Chamber and another from a close friend who consequently chose to go to grad school and now knows people I know from grad school … the world is small.

As I left NDSU, warmed by being back on a college campus and getting to spend an afternoon chatting with some great people, I was hit by a blast of cold air, straight through my giant feather down winter jacket. And as I trudged across the parking lot to my already freezing car, I, the Midwestern girl who has swam at the beach when it was 50 and worn flip flops and capris at 40 degrees, had to mutter under my breath at Fargo and it’s lack of trees to block the blasted wind.

Yes, I did cheer out loud when I heard 30 degrees.

So I might not love the arctic tundra lifestyle, but guess what? Spring is on its way … it will be 20 degrees this weekend. It may even hit 30.  Who wants to go for a walk? Maybe a trip to the beach?


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