Why Jennifer Lawrence and I Should be Besties

So I have no good excuse for my sporadic blog behavior as of late. Chalk it up to craziness, to busy schedules, to the inevitable plague (otherwise known as the common cold) that strikes us in the middle of winter and hangs on until spring.

Somewhere in the chaos that was my February, I managed to find time to watch the Oscars. It’s a tradition with my mom and sister and I. We sneak the TV from my dad and/or husband and curl up to watch the glitz and the glamour and hope for one or two outrageous moments. We yell at the screen and cross our fingers, hoping that our pick for best actor or movie wins over someone else’s.

This year was no exception and while I hoped and prayed that Hugh Jackman would edge out Daniel Day Lewis and that Les Mis would triumph over Argo, I was thrilled to see Jennifer Lawrence crowned Best Actress. Besides her amazing acting ability, I wanted her to win because, lets be honest, we should be best friends.

  • The trip up the stairs. Jennifer Lawrence tripped up the stairs on the way to receive her Oscar. I also have a problem with stairs (just ask my best friend how we met) and flat surfaces in general (just ask my friend Beckie about the time I fell down at the Omaha zoo … not once, not twice, but three times).
  • She freaks out when meeting celebrities. If you haven’t seen it, watch what happened after the Oscars when Jennifer Lawrence met Jack Nicholson. I had a similar reaction the day I met Bob Woodward and believe me, my co-workers can attest to my giddiness and bouncing up and down.
  • She is super sassy. My absolute favorite interview Lawrence came after she won her Oscar and was chatting with the press backstage. When asked about her fall, she quickly replied, “Was it on purpose? Of course it was.” When then asked what happened, she simply said, “I attempted to walk up stairs in this dress.” Here’s a girl that knows how to utilize sass and sarcasm, something very dear to my heart.

So while there are flaws in my plan to be best friends with Jennifer Lawrence, not excluding the fact that she is way more outdoorsy than me (see the Hunger Games for reference) or that she is a celebrity, while I am staring out my window at the March snowstorm we’re having in Fargo, North Dakota, I truly believe this could work. Here is a girl, like me, who is gorgeous, comfortable in her own skin and not afraid to laugh at herself … and to use sarcasm when necessary … which is all the time.

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