“Stepping” Up & Choosing Joy

Recently, the Fargo Forum did an article on step-parenting … stepmoms to be exact. It was an article, wonderfully written by Tracy Frank, that I was proud to be part of and a message I believe is important to share.

Here’s the deal: step-parenting isn’t easy. It’s all the hard work that comes with parenting with very little of the rewards. It can be painful and hurtful a lot of the time. Emotions run high, as does the chance of things being taken wrong, feelings getting hurt and tears being shed.

It’s easy to get bogged down in the details and the murkiness of it all. But then I remember what matters most: a rambunctious, lively, wonderful five year old. It’s because of him, his giggle, his “I love yous” … that’s why I do this (well, that and for my husband, but don’t let Adam know. He’ll let it go to his head!).
While I may not be able to control the circumstances that come with being a stepmom, I can control my attitude. And I choose joy. I choose joy because I have the support of my husband, the love of my family and the companionship of some pretty awesome friends.

I choose joy because through this experience God has taught me perseverance, strength, compassion, patience (yep, I’m still working on this one), kindness and a whole host of other things.

I choose joy because I have so many fabulous memories with the coolest kid around. We’ve baked cupcakes (yes, I baked … out of a box), had sword fights (okay I watched), spotted animals at the zoo, camped (ugh!), dyed Easter eggs, decorated a Christmas tree and a whole lot more.

I choose joy because his hugs help carry me through not getting to see my little buddy every day. I choose joy because, in the future, when he’s no longer 5 and possibly thinks I’m majorly uncool (which would be the wrong assessment because, lets face it, I’m pretty freaking cool), I still get to be his Katie.



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