Challenge Day 5: Protect

Day 5: Protect Your Marriage
Almost three years ago, I walked down the aisle in a white dress to the man of my dreams.┬áThat day, we said our vows in front of family and friends and later that night, we danced the night away. There was joy, laughter and love everywhere … it was perfect.

After our wedding, we holed up in Walker, Minn. for a day before heading north of Duluth for our first honeymoon (the really special people get to take two honeymoons). For four days, we explored the North Shore, cooked dinner together, gazed at the stars from the shore of Lake Superior and talked and talked and talked. We talked about our dreams, our hopes, our fears and the life we were creating together.

It’s hard to believe that was almost three years ago. Since then, we’ve moved to a new house, been through two new jobs, one job loss and had tons of adventures as a family of three. Most of the time, our life is a combination of work, meetings, busy schedules, weekend plans and honey to do lists. We haven’t gone on a big trip since our second honeymoon to the Caribbean two years ago.

We wouldn’t have it any other way. Sure, we might not be seeing the world quite yet or buying the lake house (if it’s the size of a normal person’s home, it’s not a cabin) we’ve always dreamed of. Our weekends with T consist of homemade dinners and movie nights, sword fights, big breakfasts (Adam rocks at pancakes) and playing in the snow (we live in Fargo … we have snow most of the time). When we don’t have T, Adam and I still enjoy homemade dinners together (I cook, he cleans), big breakfasts (he cooks, he cleans) and movie nights. We also have a pact that one night a week, we have date night.

Our marriage isn’t perfect … no one’s is. But we protect it by spending time with one another, by praying together, by saying I love you multiple times a day, by laughing together and by sharing our burdens and our struggles.

We protect it for ourselves, but we also protect our marriage for T. We work (okay, sometimes struggle) to be a united front, to show him that no one is going anywhere. We also protect our marriage to show him our love story in hopes that one day he’ll find a love story of his own.

July 10, 2010 – The day I became Mrs. Hutton.


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