Challenge Day 6: Play

Day 6: Remember to Play
I’m a bit of a neat freak … okay a lot of a neat freak. Mess annoys me (lucky Adam!). I was the kid who picked up her toys after she was done playing with them and put them away. I don’t like piles or things that aren’t where they should be. I always clean off my desk at work before I head home for the night. I always make the bed at home and I always make Adam put the dishes away as soon as dinner is over.

Then came today’s challenge: “Leave the dishes and the homework and the laundry and the craziness of it all and play with your kids for even 30 minutes.”

Wait, you want me to leave my house messy … I don’t understand.

But then I thought about how our weekends with T go. A lot of the time, I’m cleaning up while Adam and T are playing. While I could be sword fighting, I’m too stressed with the mess. There’s no rule that says it can’t wait until bedtime. So here’s my challenge to myself (mark this day Adam): I’m going to play ┬ámore and worry less about the mess.

After all, he’s only here every other weekend, so times with him and Adam are times I cherish the most. One of my favorite memories of all three of us playing together was after a weekend full of back to back to back to back activities (anyone else relate?). We were driving home and it had started snowing. Suddenly, I told Adam to pull the car over. The three of us got out, the boys looking at me like I had finally lost my marbles. I picked up a wad of fresh snow and shouted, “Snow fight!” while chucking the snowball at Adam. For the next half hour, we threw snowballs at each other, played on the playground and made snow angels. We laughed so hard our sides hurt. And you know what? That was all T could talk about for the rest of the weekend. Not the movie or the dinner or the bouncy house … the night we played in the snow.

Silly faces!

There’s a lesson to be learned from this and it applies not just to our kids. We all need to play more, to enjoy more. Sometimes, we all need to make a silly face, laugh until our sides hurt or (to quote an old blog) give ourselves a snow day … or if you’re lucky enough, a sun day.

P.S. If my husband is reading this, no it does not mean you don’t have to do the dishes tonight … nice try though. :)

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