Challenge Day 7: Not Perfect, But Real Important

Day 7: Today, get rid of the perfect.
Today’s challenge centers around the idea that we don’t have to be perfect. Our houses don’t always have to be spotless (gah!), our meals don’t always have to be homemade (I can’t tell you how many times in the past month I’ve said, ‘Lets just get a pizza’) and our relationships with our kids (and significant others for that matter) don’t always have to look like a scene from the Brady Bunch or Leave it to Beaver.

Instead, lets settle for being REAL.

I struggle with the word real. One of the things stepmoms often hear is that they’re not a “real mom.” No, I’m not T’s “real mom.” I don’t need to be. T has a great mom and stepdad who take care of him and help him learn and grow. We always tell him, “You are so lucky to have so many people that love you.”

But here’s the thing … I’m still real. I’m real important to a 5 year old.

So give up the perfection complex and settle strive for being real. Be a real important person to your kids … and remember that’s what matters.


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