Challenge Day 10: Pruning

Day 10: Pruning
“There’s another important part of growth that isn’t as pretty as the first sprouts or the glorified moment a flower finally blooms. There’s the pruning– the necessary cutting back of lush greens to reveal the raw and ugly insides of a stem. And yes, it seems antithetical to wait for a bloom and then chop it off once it has come, but it is purposeful, because what follows is even better.” – Kelle Hampton, Bloom, pg 162

There’s something you should know about me. It’s not that I’m not at all outdoorsy or that I hate seafood (it tastes fishy … literally). It’s that I don’t garden. I don’t have a green thumb nor do I have a wish to keep plants or flowers. In fact, the plants I own generally have a death wish.

There was one plant, though, from my mom, that I managed to keep alive. It grew and grew and grew. It mocked my sister’s plant from the same tree that didn’t grow quite as tall (okay, that was me).

Then one day, it stopped growing and started turning yellow. Not wanting to admit defeat, I called my mom (the plant doctor) who took the tree to her clinic (house). The next time I came over, I asked to see my plant. She showed me what was left, a small vase that encased an even smaller plant.

Oh great, I thought. Now my sister’s plant (okay, my sister) will mock my plant (me). I couldn’t believe this had happened again. I thought I was doing so well keeping this one green thing alive.

It turns out what happened was my plant didn’t have enough room to grow. It needed to be pruned, to start again (it also may have been over watered, but I digress).

Sometimes, we all need to cut back, to start again. Maybe we do it intentionally, to change a habit or a lifestyle. Or maybe we’re forced into it by a God who loves us enough to say, “I know this will hurt. But if I don’t, things will just get worse.”

Sometimes, the pruning is large, like with my plant. That’s what it was like last summer, when Adam and I found our life turned upside down one warm afternoon in July. But sometimes, the pruning is smaller, gradual changes. That’s what it’s like for me as a stepmom … a daily journey (sometimes struggle) to let go and to be grateful for the small things when I can’t control the big things.

But no matter what happens, big or small, intentional or forced, what follows is so much better.

“Ah, pruning. My heart got stuck on the word. Maybe all of this is just about being pruned back in ways so something else can come through. Something good. Something worth waiting for.” – Atreverse to dare


One thought on “Challenge Day 10: Pruning

  1. Tears. YES. maybe we’re forced into it by a God who loves us enough to say, “I know this will hurt. But if I don’t, things will just get worse.”

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