Challenge Day 9: Pay Attention

Day 9: Pay Attention
I sat for a while on this one yesterday. After all, my wonderful fellow stepmom wrote a touching and vulnerable letter to bonus moms (and other parents for that matter) about paying attention to your littles because they grow up before you know it.

My favorite part: “Because it goes by quickly– pay attention to the way your heart gets bruised or fills with joy. Don’t sweep it under the rug and warrior on all the time. Sit with it. You have an amazing and difficult job ahead. You were put here for such a time as this. There is magic in the world. Look for it.”

I’m still learning to look for the magic, to become more aware of this amazing journey we call life and (you know the mantra by now people) to CHOOSE JOY.

Sometimes it’s hard to see in the bruises and bumps that come along the way. But it’s there, in the smile of a 5 year old, the pride he has as he gets the big job of running the electric mixer while we make cupcakes, the excitement in his eyes as he watches his first hockey game or in the quiet as he sleeps, knowing he is loved unconditionally.

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